Welcome to YOUNG AESTHETICS, a medical centre in Hong Kong that specializes in cosmetic laser and skin rejuvenation treatments. Our clinics are conveniently located in Central and Mong Kok.


World class skin care service by highly trained professionals and forefront technologies.


Aesthetics is the study of beauty and art.

At YOUNG AESTHETICS, we believe youth and beauty can be achieved through our tailor-made professional medical treatment programs and customer-centered quality services.

In the vast ocean of choices available in the cosmetic medicine industry today, it is difficult for people to discern their own skin care needs and recognize suitable effective treatments.

Through objective medical assessment, we seek to understand each customer's concerns and formulate a personal prescription to address these aging and dermatological questions.

We aim to build trust as well as forge long term professional relationships with extraordinary efforts to educate clients on their treatments and to appreciate their ever evolving skin care requirements.